Episode 3: Toon Shadey Wiggles and whatnot

Hello everyone, this is the TechArtJam microcast from Rigging Dojo, I’m your host, Chad Moore.

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Our interview with Isabella Cheng

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  • Really interesting to hear her talk about the balence of reusing animations via in-engine retargeting versus uniqness of multiple characters movements. This is a really interesting topic that doesn’t get enough discussion. Would love to hear if you have any thoughts on it. Animation budgets are beasts.



Danette Beatty

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  • Duplicating, scaling up, revresing normals and vertex paining to make an outline. This may not work in every situation but it’s a clever idea. No reason you cant add a deformer as well to do a little toon shading as well

Ryan Porter

Question of the week

What’s the biggest change coming to the industry in the next two years? What should be more predictable, but isn’t?

Ryan Griffin’s Audio

  • Collaboration, within a disclipline and across disclipline

twitter.com/ThE_JacO Raffaele Fragapane “The Jaco” (who’s cult of rig is fantasic) answered:

Peter Saumur twitter.com/Stitched

I think hiring can be more predictable

  • How can we be better match-makers?
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