TechArtJam Episode 000

Episode 000

Hello everyone, this is the TechArtJam microcast from Rigging Dojo. I’m your host, Chad Moore.

Spring 2018 Newsletter

What’s new at RD - Seths Mobilty course & webinar - Introduction to Photoshop scripting - Coaching - Agile Development - call for info/interviews - Brad’s new “MotionBuilder Keyframe animators qucikstart” course 25$

News and notes

  • Randall Hess
    • Recent posts have everything from customizing fbx files for exort to game, topology concerns for mechanical rigging, Cusomizing characters for Radical Heights, Boss Key’s latest game. Artist can export from Maya or Max to Engine. That’s really nice touch to be able to let the artist work in whichever software is best for the job at hand, and let the computer handle the conversion
  • Siggraph registration
    • August 12-18 in Vancouver
    • Registration is open

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